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Hat_'s Helper Application.
« on: June 17, 2016, 01:14:51 AM »
- [/size]I would like to apply for [/size]Helper[/size].

[/size]- My IGN is Hat_
[/size]- In a day i could play up to 6 hours.
[/size]- No, im Default.
[/size]- GMT+4
[/size]- I really wanna be a helper in this amazing server it is very nice that i can't even log out from it!I want to be a helper to be able to help the server and know the community well, i'd really like to help them and keep them as my favorite server! It will be an honor to help such an amazing community! The owner is amazing he is so kind, players are cool too they are all calm and happy. I will bring a lot of support to the community i will keep helping and getting promoting until i make it up to admin! I really hope to be a helper in a big and fabulous community! All these 6 hours i'll use them to help the server in the website and in the server, hopefully then the owner will like my work and we'll be partners soon! I will keep helping the server just like what I'm doing atm. I would like to help the server and provide the best for them! helping the server will be like a life to me, i will be online in every single server.Not just that but i will help other high staff i'll help them in their things like if they want me to go and check any other server or player i will do it right away!
[/size]- Experiences:
[/size]I've got a lot of experience on moderating a minecraft server. I know MANY commands and plugins. I will make sure the server goes fine and no problems or arguments are occurring, i will make sure that the server is running good no bugs or glitches, i will help players and hopefully they will like the server, i'll make players calm and enjoying the server. It will be an honor to help such an amazing community like this. I will keep helping, none stop it will be great to help this community like i mean they even deserve it, the owner is just ... AMAZING!!!! i can't refuse about that but seriously the owner is amazing. And for players or staff who are wandering my age it's 14. I'm very mature, and i could help the server in my free time too.
[/size]Sometimes i have some free time, i will spent this free time in this server. I will spend it on helping and providing the best for this community.
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