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Improving Playership Ideas & Other
« on: January 01, 2016, 12:53:16 PM »
Hey Everyone! Happy New Year!

So hopefully someone will check this out and we'll get ideas flowing. I, however, have had a few ideas and would like to present them to both the sever community and to the other staff members.

-CakeFace Youtube(run by staff, Mod+)
         -CakeFace Staff GameNight: This is something we do anyway occasionally just because all the staff are friends (I'm speaking more about Mods and up, as we have a Skype group message set up) and we usually have some pretty entertaining banter, even just when we're working on the server. It shows how we are outside the server and that we're friendly which matters to a lot of people and if the staff is friendly people would be willing to talk to us and come play more.
         -Player of the Week(or something to that effect): We already have rankings of sorts on the website so we could go off that and maybe just have a short video featuring the player. Or this could be a competition, wherein players of the server could submit videos of themselves building something really cool on the server to the Staff channel, since we wil have a creative mode, and then the staff acts as the judges. Reasons would have to given and runner-ups mentioned. It would be a time-limited feature. With the time limitation, one player could not be featured back-to-back, there would have to be a restriction to when they could compete for this again.
         -GetToKnow Staff(working idea): Going off the GameNight idea, but this would work on a more individual basis, as we gain more staff, etc. Ways of doing this are up for discussion.

-CakeFace Twitter: This is more of a concern/question, should each staff member (again Mod+) have access? Since Cake_Lancelot probably can't alway be active on it?

These are only a few I've had and the ones I can remember as I am writing this post. If you have your own ideas feel free to submit them in a reply.

Addendum: Staff should have it's own forum page to discuss staff-y related things.
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