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Mod/Helper Applications / Applied for Mod
« on: June 27, 2017, 07:22:54 PM »
1) Hey Cake!!! Hope things have been going well.  I was wandering if you would allow me to be Moderator on the server because I would love to help the server grow.

2) My ingame name will be SuperHunter123 but it is currently SuperTerrel123.

3) Once the server is back up I will play quite a bit to keep the server going and to have fun, I've been playing Cakeface for 3 years now.

4) I had no ranks before this one, if I get it.

5) My timezone is Central.

6) The reason why I want to be Moderator is because I love the server soooo much and want to get it back on its feet again, I am looking forward to helping you Cake and all the others start the new Cakeface story.

7) I was never Moderator on any server before Cakeface, however I am a guy who likes to help out so I constantly am looking for something to do on others servers by helping.

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